Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Reasons why I suck #1

1. I still allow spiders to dominate my life. I hate the creepy little fuckers. They serve no purpose other then creeping people out. It also seems that my bedroom has become a spider hook up point, where the creepy little things congregate and torment me. And then of course, August and September seem to be their happy hour. Just great. I'm sick of trying to kill them from a distance with a battered Cosmopolitan magazine while semi-screaming "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FUCK FUCK FUCK EEEEEEEEEEEEE" in a rather high pitched voice. So I decide bust out a can of bug killing spray. But I'm so terrified and preoccupied with the spiders in the corner of the room, that I didn't realize that the nozzle was aimed the wrong way. Now, I could legally market myself as walking insect repellent (the smell is a bitch to remove from clothes). And the second time that I attempt to banish the spider with the bug spray? Well, I may have gone on a power trip. I may of sprayed so much of the stuff when the 'power' went to my head that I had to evacuate my room. For a day or two.

2. It's common knowledge that Blogspot is saturated with beauty blogs.And while some of these beauty blogs are a great read, a majority of beauty blogs tend to make a mockery of the English language while still managing to whore themselves to PR companies for free samples (a skill in itself, I believe). I enjoy reading some beauty blogs and seeing the people behind them. However, I'll openly admit that I never manage to quite fit in with certain 'beauty buffs' who manage to treat cosmetics religiously. And lets face it, thanks to a tsunami of beauty blogs, almost everyone it seems, has become a beauty buff. It was a friend of mine who decided to take the advice of a novice self styled beauty expert/blogger who recommended an excellent knock off perfume, a 'dupe' if you will. Well, according to my friend this knock off was supposed to smell simular to 'Happy' by Clinque. So I see my friend and ask "What the fuck is that smell?". She brags about the scent for a while and yet I still managed to mindlessly blurt out "It smells like bug spray". She wasn't impressed. It took a while to apologize. The perfume incident was water under the bridge until I said "hey, did you hear about my saga with the spider and the bug spray the other day?". Apparently my bug spray incident was a story I concocted to mock her. There's no winning with people some times..

3. I was supposed to go to the gym this week with my friend Kyle.  I'm sure what exactly happened (probably my apathetic attitude towards fitness and exercise is what happened), but we ended up sitting on my couch all night.. chain smoking, eating popcorn and playing Fallout 3. Enough said.

4. Between the bank, Revenue (Irish tax office) and my broadband server, I've estimated that I've been on put on hold for over 2 hours in the past week. I have also concluded that it is easier to get a kidney transplant in this country, then it is to get a decent high speed internet connection.

Oh the fun of it all:

- If you would like to talk to a computer system that wasn't designed to understand Irish accents, please press 1
- If you would like to stay on hold while listening to a cheap, crappy 'upbeat' Mozart interlude please press 2
- If you would like to be connected to some dope in a crackhouse in Mongolia who will shout "WHAT" 20 times before telling you to plug your broadband modem out, wait 20 seconds and plug it back in again, please press 3
- If you would like a decent, efficient service where you talk to a human (who understands you) and resolves your issue, please hang up.. this is Ireland, get used to doing things arseways.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Liebster Blog Awards

The Liebster blog award is given to up and coming bloggers (200 followers or less I think). A big thank you to Taz for tagging me!

The Rules:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven (11) questions for the people you've tagged.
3. Choose eleven (11) people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember no tag backs!

11 things about me

1. I don't have low self esteem, I just have low esteem for everybody else
2. I have been a vegetarian for about 5 years now, although I despise PETA and their chauvinistic sexist arrogance.
3. I'm bilingual. I can speak Irish (gaelic) and English fluently. Thanks to the flawed Irish school system, I speak irrelevant French. I couldn't tell you that I am stranded and I need help, but I can say all the parts of a car in French. I cannot ask you for directions, but I can write a postcard to my mother.
4. I am in a interracial relationship. I've been going out with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now.
5. I watch an unusual amount of documentaries. I've actually been watching undercover documentaries, exposés and so forth from a very young age. I can firmly say that it has molded me into the cynic that I am today.
6. I study English, Media and Cultural studies in college.
7. I am currently reading 'The Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Atwood
8. Here is a list of celebrities that I do not care about: Lana del Ray, anyone involved with $cientology, all of the kardashians, professor green, paris hilton, nicole scherzinger, simon cowell, jimmy carr, alan carr, adele ect
9. My favourite video game series is Fallout.
10. I have listened to anarcho-punk, crust punk, thrash, oi and ska since I was an angsty teenager and I am still as in love with these genres as ever.
11. I'm blue da ba dee da ba die..

Taz's questions

1. What are you most proud about? 
Probably just how far I've come in life so far. I'm in college, I have a job, I maintain social interactions. My parents seem happy enough.
2. How many different countries have you visited?
America, Italy, Austria, Spain, France, the UK and Austria. So, 6.
3. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Probably an indie video game designer or a screenwriter.
4. If someone gave you a million pounds, how would you spend it?
Buy a creepy yet beautifully furnished mansion and harbour as many cats as humanly possible. Or hire a personal chef and become fat. Maybe both.
5. Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist?
I would say I am a realist however , we all have different interpretations of reality and my interpretations are often interpreted by others as 'pessimistic'.  
6. If you could go back in time, what era would you go to and why?
I would go to the Weimar republic (Germany, right before the Nazi era) and warn the people of the aftermath of the Third Reich. 
7. What thing do you wish you had invented?
Concealer. Women everywhere would be eternally grateful. 
8. If you brought out a beauty line, what would you call it?
Síóg (pronounced she-oug), it's Irish for fairy.
9. What is your favourite product?
Probably eyeliner, I look like a zombie without eyeliner.
10. Which is your favourite season and why?
I really do not like warm weather.. I prefer Winter, I like dark days (just think of me as a vampire.. with less marketing)
11. If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?
Either Harold or Kumar from the Harold and Kumar series, just so I could get into wild and weird adventures with Neil Patrick Haris. And eat White Burger.

11 Questions from me!

1. If you could punch one celebrity in the face, who would it be?
2. What is your favourite food?
3. If you could change one law OR make a new law, what would it be?
4. Do you believe in a God(s)?
5. Do you have a diet or exercise routine? 
6.  What is the cheesiest song on your ipod/mp3 player?
7. Have you ever read a book or saw a film that changed the way that you look at life?
8. What would your idea of a perfect date be?
9. How old would you be, if you didn't know how old you are? 
10.  If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would that message be?
11. What is the last book that you read?

I tag:
Anyone who sees this.
I know this bit might qualify as cheating.. oh well.
Here are some of my favourite blogs with less then 200 followers,

1. Ethan
3. Claire 
4. Kyle

I suck at this >.<

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Perfect Presents! (For people you hate..)

I don't even like buying presents for people I like. Not because I'm cheap ass. Because I usually end up buying something crap, something very clichéd or doing the honourable thing and getting them vouchers. But buying presents for people that you don't actually like? Well it's so much more fun then it at first seems. Get creative and let your annoyed, over-worked juices flow. 
Here's some inspiration:

1. Unwanted magazine subscriptions 
Has your anti-war, "save the children" neighbour rallied the 'peace troops' in his garden again? Has he being pushing you to 'join the cause'? Has he used the terms 'flower power' one too many times? He's gonna just love his new subscription to American Hand-gunner Magazine (America's most popular gun magazine, don't ya know).

2. Noisy toys
Does someone in your life have a spoilt and obnoxious loud child? Well then, gift them with the loudest, most annoying toy that you can find in the toy shop. Usually, anything colourful and within the nickelodeon franchise does the trick. Think a Dora the Explorer doll. A singing Dora the Explorer. And hey, while you're being so generous, why not provide a years supply of batteries alongside the toy. Aren't you the generous one?
- Also consider: Toys that take ages to put together or a sing-a-long Barney DVD.

3. Candy underwear
Of course, we are entitled to our own opinions and freedom of choice but if that special conservative friend in your life has pushed your buttons by condemning the scientific basis of evolution (LOL), ranted about the 'sanctity of marriage', complained about abortion while pushing for death penalties then maybe you should consider the tasty, classy candy underwear. Maybe.. just maybe.. a bit of (sugar and) spice in the bedroom will allow him/her to let of some steam and give him/her less to bitch about.

4. Pro-Fur coalition membership
I am a vegetarian. However, most of my friends are not vegetarians. And I accept that. Why wouldn't I?  People should be able to enjoy their food and their chosen lifestyle without some nutcase force feeding them nonsense propaganda. So for that special peson in YOUR life, who frowns at you everytime you take a bite of that delicious burger and spends the weekend protesting in a cage to highlight the plight of chickens, consider gifting them with a fur-coalition membership. If no such coalition exists in your area, simply buy them the real thing. Or a years supply of meat. There are different ways that you can go with this, allow your creativity to flow.

5. 'Easy livin', Microwave Cooking' book
As a blogger, I am aware that there are many, many different food and cooking blogs out there with weird and wonderful, creative and mouthwatering recipes. And don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this alone, I have used many a recipe that I have found various blogs. But, if these foodies are going too far in your life, be it foodie mommies that shame your version of school lunches or an in-law who snubs any of your attempts to speak fondly of comfort food, then the simplicity of 'Easy livin' Microwave Cooking' book is sure to reduce them to tears (and not of joy..).

If anyone can think of some more great gifts to get for people you don't actually like, share them in the comments won't you please?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What hobby should you take up?

Tired of that pesky void in you soul?
Take my quiz to find a new mind numbing hobby!
* I am not responsible for any hair loss caused by said quiz.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

the Rose of Diddly Dum Aye-Ville

I've lived in Dublin, Ireland all my life so I know a thing or two about businesses and money makers stripping down our culture, simplifying it and making it marketable to the masses of tourists that visit the rip off republic. But seeing American tourists parading around our beautiful city in XXL Aran island jumpers is only the beginning. The dreaded Rose of Tralee. The ultimate saturation of Plastic Paddy wishy washy 'oirish' culture. And available to anyone it seems, who wants to buy into this yone who buys into the diddly o'diddly aye culture.

I know a few people who have applied to be Roses and plastered it all over facebook.
And I've kept silent until now.

I still cannot understand why they bother to broadcast it on Irish television anymore.
Is watching Mary Catherine O'Yank reciting a beautiful 'wee' poem about the green hills of Ireland while convincing Daithí O'Se about the legitimacy of her 'Irishness' and ethnicity your idea of a good time? Television licence money well spent again, RTE.

My favourite part of the 'festival'*?

Watching the glassy eyed parents and family members in the audience as they look on proudly as their daughter becomes the new walking advertisement for Newbridge jewellery and the other generic sponsors.

The most accurate and perhaps only honest depiction of the contest was portrayed on an episode 'Father Ted', in form of 'The Lovely Girl contest':

People will always stand by the argument that this 'Festival' generates a lot of money for Irish tourism. And to that, I shall say this.

Do we really need and/or want a glorified beauty pageant to be one of our 'selling points'?

Do we really need to endure much more of this nonsense?

This pageant should have been buried somewhere in the last century, where it belongs. 

* = glorified beauty pageant

Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh I do love judgmental 'rants'

So there I was, browsin' away..

Looking for some new blogs to follow and I came across a young woman's blog.
I will not name names, I do not intend for my blog to become the instigator of 'drama'.. this is a blog after all, not an episode of Jersey shore.

First, this blogger felt the need to identify different types of women, all based on their size. Uh oh, basing people's worth on their size and athletic participation? Here we go... this should be good.
This blog post revolved around attacking others.
And believe me, it condemned a lot of people.
Condemning people or 'fatties' who are uncomfortable about their current size and simply vocalize it (god forbid, a 'fatty' might open their mouth for something other then eating pies..). Condemning those who enjoy a treat after a work out. Condemning women who go to the gym and don't do 'enough'.
Ha, the only people she didn't condemn were women like herself; who apparently NEVER indulge and do better then everyone else in the gym.

And before I receive the award for hypocrite of the year, let me just say; I am not condemning this girl. I just feel sorry for her. The fact that she is more concerned about how much other women are doing in the gym says it all really.
Her whole post reeked of 'praise me, oh won't you praise me'.
When you decide to criticise others, in order to put yourself on a pedestal.. well I'd urge you to take a good long hard look at yourself. Maybe you're not as great as you think you are.

I am not one of these 'Go love the world' types. . I am not into the recycled feel good shite one would find in the self help aisle of the bookshop however..

I feel sorry for this blogger because it seems that she can not see past people's looks and their body weight.

It's sad that we live in a society where one cannot look past ones weight.

If she is reading this (haha.. fat chance.. yes pun is motherfucking intended), I'd like you to know that you have bitten off more then you can chew.
It's fine if you live in a nice middle class existence, where you can afford such 'frivolities' as organic food, artificial supplements and gym memberships.
What about families living on an extremely low income? It's a vicious cycle. These people are uneducated about health, cannot afford healthcare and living in a society where TWO mcdonalds meals costs less then a box of cigarettes?

Inform yourself before you speak.

Stop worry so much about others, stop judging so harshly.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why mormonism hasn't caught on in Ireland.

We all love the ever-wacky mormon faith of Mormonism don't we?
Well aparently, in Ireland... we don't! Not on purpose of course. We just haven't been given the opportunity to embrace the teachings of a religion that proposes that native Americans were actually Israeli immigrants and that dinosaur bones are from distant galaxies that were brought together when Jesus created the earth 6000 years ago.**
Yep, Mormonism certainly is a lot to swallow.
It's the ultimate hybrid of evangelist christianity and outward American westernized nuclear family nonsense. The whole thing is a mish mash of teen purity seminars, odd cult-like ceremonies (baptizing the dead anyone?) and happy smiling white families. Throw some door knocking missionaries into the mix and you've got the Church of Latter Day Saints, or the Mormon faith as they are more commonly known.
It even got it's own South Park episode (dumb dumb dumb anyone?)


Okay so maybe it's an easy target. But don't feel too sorry for the Mormons. They have over 14 million* members worldwide! And with no signs of going broke either due to the church policy that demands 10%+ of a families income**. That's a lot of ehm 'freely given' donations.

But growing at such a rapid speed, would they ever consider opening a Temple or two here in little aul Ireland?

Well, I compiled a short yet concise list on why our Mormon pals might want to just ignore the Emerald Isle completely.

1. Eccentric 'religions', don't tend to catch on in 'we're catholic... when it suits us' Ireland. Or any kind of faith/relgion/cult that goes against the Lazy Catholic mentality.

Example: Somewhat pseudo-science, somewhat occupied with money making 'religion' Scientology can vouch for us on this one. Official 'Church' documents in 2011 have revealed that Scientology Ireland Ltd. is over €688,000 in debt and their revenue has dropped by 60%.*** In fact, the American Scientologists had to bail them out of trouble a good few times. There is something hilarious about the whole situation.

And it seems this failing religion is becoming more and more desperate.

A friend of mine reported that he found a very interesting stall in our local market, a (empty) dianetic/scientology-tastic stall.
Come on now. You really need to set up shop between a cake stand and a brick and brack/jumble sale to get more members?

Mormonism, please take note.

2. I cannot see the fashion aspects of Mormonism becoming a selling point either.
Never mind the whole, nothing above your knees/elbows/no cleavage rules.
I'm talking about Magical Mormon underwear. Or 'Temple Underwear'.
I'll let this informative video do the explaining:

Just an FYI to you Mormon recruiters; you'd be LUCKY to come across a group of Irish girls even wearing underwear.

Don't believe me?
Frequent any popular Dublin nightclub on a Saturday night.

3. So Mormons don't consume alcohol nor do they smoke tobacco. Drugs are a complete no-no and caffeinated products are included. No more cuppa tea. Put down those John Player ciggies. Stop trying to hide your naggins of vodka from the Prophet; he's not an underpaid doorman at some low rate nightclub. He sees all!
Well. Without even bringing the whole alcohol thing into the equation.. I've never met an Irish person that doesn't enjoy a good cuppa tea.

However, I can feel the Mormons breathing down my neck with a 'solution':

Please. Don't even suggest it. Not that herbal shite. We like a nice strong cuppa. Caffeine and all thanks.
A decent cuppa tea is central to irish life and culture. Don't you even dare try and stop them. I'm telling you all now, if you start to trying to take away the tea, you'll run into a lot of troubles... fast.

4. There is a certain rule within the Church; If one is not a Mormon, one cannot enter the Temple. This could pose troublesome for the foundations of big ol' Irish extended families and I'll tell you a fable of what could happen to the Irish family based on real Mormon events/practises:

Picture this, if you will.

Mark and Aoife have become mormons. They liked the swing of things and decided that it was right for them.
After a years of solid chastity, wholesome group dating, non violent youth events and various non-secular single sex activities, Mark proposed to Aoife who gladly accepted.

But. I forgot to mention an important fact here.

Aoife had joined the Mormon faith with the encouragement of her family; aunts, parents, uncles, cousins. To them, Mormon-ism was a shared faith within the family.

Mark had joined alone. His family were disinterested in the somewhat conservative and sexist manners of the Church. As a single parent, Mark's mother had enough to be worrying about however Mark made a mature choice to respect his families decision as he continued into a life of Mormonism.

Why is this important?

Well it was supposed to be a happy day for all involved. The happiest day of someones life in fact; their wedding.

So why was it that Mark's mam and sisters, his favourite auntie and his late father's best friend had to wait outside in the car-park while Mark wed his blushing bride?
Because they had simply decided not to become members of the Mormon faith.

So this religion that claims they are all about 'love', has condemned the non-believers.
One who truly understands the basis of most major religions could point out that no religion gives total authority to humans to condemn their fellow man. After all is that not 'Gods' job?

I don't even know where to begin with that last point. If your religion is all about love and acceptance why are you locking people out of your sacred temples?

Maybe I'm a not part of the God-squad, but I can tell you all something for nothing. When the Mormon faith wouldn't let Mark's family see him on arguable the happiest day of his life.. when his family were told they were not 'worthy'... that was not love.

I'll let you decide Ireland.
Personally I think the omnipresence of the Catholic church in this country is bad enough.
The catholic church here is like a bad coldsore virus; a virus that always seems to be there in one way or another causing upset or disgust and just does not feck off.
But I don't know.

Maybe we should have "I'm a Major Relgion, get me outta here" reality show. I'm thinking battle to death, hunger games/post apocalyptic shit. The winner receives tax exempt status within the Republic of Ireland.

I'm not sure the Mormons would appreciate my opinions right now, especially seeing as I am under the influence (oh red bull.. you devil you)

Let me know your thoughts.
Love and rockets,
Ruth x

Just a few sources:
* -
*** -

Monday, March 5, 2012

Socializing for dummies 101: Parties

This post (or series of posts in socializing; I haven't decided how active I will be in my efforts) is dedicated to my partner in crime, Kyle.
He's decided to 'give people a chance'; he's socializing more and actively trying to increase his standing in certain social groups and of course this will all help his efforts to turn his life around.
I know.
I don't understand it either.

I do want to help him though (yes, I know I'm an enabler), so I have kicked this guide off with a guide to parties.


Some of the fun people you will meet at parties.

I can't help you understand the logic behind why people chose to have parties.. but I can make the whole experience a hell of a lot less gut retching.
So dear readers, fear not.
If you are in the process of organizing a social event and you don't know where to start; simply follow my invitation template.

Your presence will be tolerated at..
You are reluctantly invited to..
You are un-cordially invited to..
Sick of your own company? Why not drag yourself to..
Why don't you drag your arse to..

Suggested themes all ages strip poker night
..a low calorie dinner party unsocial social gathering of sorts
..a post modern Anne Summers sales pitch
..not a scam-tastic timeshare pitch.. I swear!

Reel them in with the details
- Limited selection of crisps and dip will be provided
- Proof of intelligence required for entry
- Processed cheese and dry pineapple will be served
- Bring your own toilet paper
- Bring your own arsenic
- Bring up religion, conspiracy theories, politics


For those of you brave enough to drag yourself to someone else's crappy attempt to have a party, I only have one vital tip for you;
1. Upon entering the venue note all the exit points. This is crucial if you decide to make a fleeing attempt later on.

If anyone else has any contributions/tips ect, please leave them in the comments.
And if anyone would like to read about Kyle and his efforts to socialize featuring other shenanigans, visit him here.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Don't, don't knock my door

Conversation with a Jehovah's witness at the door:

JW: Hi, do you have a few moments to talk?
Me: Em. No.
JW: Well actually, we are just here to talk to you about the good word of the Lord
Me: Been there, done that.. did that whole catholic thing for a few years.
JW: We're actually here from..
Me: Yeah Jehovah's witnesses, I get it
JW: *sighs* what are you GOALS in life?
Me: My goal is not to wake up at 40 and have to knock on doors converting people, living with the bitter realization that I've wasted my life in a wacky 'religion' that I actually hate because I changed my religious beliefs as a young adult based on the preachings of a door-to-door conversions.

He walked off.
How rude.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gourmet Guide to pleasurable pizza: 4 star pizza

As a public service, I have personally visited/ordered pizza from every place within a 20-mile radius of my crap-hole of a town, Dun Laoghaire.

It's hard work but someone needs to do it.

1. Four Star Pizza


I was initially nervous about the quality I was going to receive from these people. Why do they call it four star? Why did they feel a need to not give themselves five stars? The whole thing whiffed of suspicious pepperoni if you catch my drift.
None the less, I took the plunge.

Delivery was extremely quick and pizza was delicious.
Pizza itself? Outstanding mozzarella stretch. Great crust to sauce ratio.
I ordered potato wedges as my side dish and I will admit, I was apprehensive. Potato wedges are often a hit and miss with most pizza joints but these wedges were baked to perfection; crispy on the outside and soft and mushy on the inside. All served with the obligatory sticky sweet BBQ sauce.

Maybe in this case four star pizza employed a clever marketing ploy.
My verdict?


Friday, February 24, 2012

Top 5: worst dublin bus experiences

This is somewhat of an ode to Dublin bus and many of the.. interesting experiences I've had on various trips with Dublin Bus.

5. Last week, an 'interesting' smelling chap on the 7b decided it would be proper order to read out the Irish Republic proclamation of 1916. It was an interesting interpretation to say the least.

4. On a dusky Summer night last year, I had the pleasure of experiencing Herbert the Pervert on the 46a. Every time a member of the female sex would walk up the stairs of the bus, Herbert would proceed to greet them with one of his charming one liners.

"Jaysis love.. they're some fine cacas on ye!"
"LOVE! LOVE! I saved ye a seat over here next to me! Don't be shy me aul flower!"
"Don't be givin me tha look love, ye probably have a c*** on ye like a burst couch"


3. We've all been tourists. I get it. But American tourists, for the love of God, if you're going to venture out of your cheesy melting pot, at least know the basics of where you're staying. The 46a was held up for a good 10 - 15 minutes at St. Stephens green because a herd of yanks decided to try out Dublin bus in all it's glory. After the majority of them payed their fare, they asked the bus driver how long it would take to get to Bunratty.

For those of you who are privileged enough to live outside the Republic of Ireland, Bunratty would be about 2 hours away from Dublin and not a destination on the local dublin buses....

After the bus driver muttered some colourful language followed by "you'll be waiting a long time if you sit on the 46a waiting to go to bunratty", the yanks realized their mistake. Apparently, Ireland does not have just one big long road.
The icing on the cake came when the angry Americans vacated the bus and one of them panted "God, how big can Ireland be?!"

2. Exhausted didn't even cover how tired I was coming home from work on the 4 one day. So you can imagine my utter delight when I walked up the stairs of the bus and saw two drunk travellers (irish gypsies) sitting at the back of the bus... singing. Just think of the worst x-factor audition you've ever seen and multiply it by 10. Traveller woman decided that her 'poor auld uncle Willie' would be the centerpiece of her medley. A medley that never seemed to stop!

"me poor aul uncle willie.. he had but nuttin.. he tried and tried.. hadn't even a button"

Mind blowing stuff.

Traveller woman was similar to Herbert the Pervert because she too had her own way of 'welcoming' and saying goodbye to other patrons of the bus. I couldn't understand much of what she was shouting, but she shouted "get off ye fuckin tramp ye' to some posh woman (quickly) exiting the bus at Blackrock.

1. Those of you who live in Dublin were probably waiting for this one. I have countlessly, sat on the bus (mainly the 46a) during the Summer months with rowdy, noisy (and horny) Spanish students.
  • On trip A, two Spanish 'amigos' decided to get it on at the back of the 46a. Everytime the bus went over a bump, the pair would make an eh.. interesting series of noises.
  • On trip B, a Spanish student accused some lad sitting next him of stealing his phone. The poor guy had no idea what was going on until the Spanish boy's amigo found his phone in his pocket. No apologies to the poor chap who was berated in Span-glish for 20 minutes. Just more obnoxious noisy Spanish banter.
Honourable mentions that didn't make the list:
- Homeless man on the 7 who told me an epic tale of why one should never do heroin with a chinese prostitute.
- The exhausted old fucker who fell asleep and started snoring so loudly that people were avoiding sitting next to him.
- Underage spoilt rich girls on the way to Wezz (an underage disco) in the most revealing and hideous outfits I've ever seen begging me to throw them a few cigerettes. They're persistant. I'll give them that much.

What about you lot? Anyone else experience these sort of fun and games?
Keep on truckin' (and/or bus-ing) until then
Love and rockets,
Ruth x

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Listening: I've got to admit, I'm listening to a slightly eccentric tune from Sir Paul; a certain ode to his English lameness if you will, 'we all stand together'. It brings back a lot of memories, my father used to have his Paul McCartney cassette tapes playing constantly when I was a child and this song was always my favourite.

Watching: I watched 'Alice in Wonderland' right before I nodded off last night and had some pretty freaky dreams.

Wearing: An oversized (well oversized on little 5ft me...) pink Illustrated People shirt, generic black leggings and a grey cardigan from topshop. If I decide to go to college today to some (much needed) study, it will do. If not, its cozy as fuck.

Reading: A lot of Yeats. Semi-willingly. Of course as an english student, one would expect to study Yeats in great detail but I feel like I've been pushed into an overdose of some sort. The man has produced some great literary work, don't get me wrong... but yeah, complete overdose.

Wanting: I saw these leopard print flats in Schue yesterday night and it was love at first sight... (as with me and most things leopard print).

Sadly, I'm flat out broke!
Don't cry for me (yet) Argentina, tomorrow is payday and I feel a splurge of some sort coming about.

(of course all financial contributions are gladly excepted)
until then
love and rockets,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Review: (detailed!) The Sims 3

I will be doing a full reviews on expansion packs for the Sims 3, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling with a review of the Sims 3 for PC/Mac.

Official game trailer:

Ever wonder why God lets bad things happen?
Fuck it, it's even fun to even create yourself in sim version... (well you might make some 'slight' improvements, I went from a cup size B in real life to what looked like a D cup in my Sim version). Just be warned, when 'you' achieve the perfect life... you will most likely develop deep jealous feelings and end up killing your poor sim in the most imaginative form possible (see link above).

To begin, I know that the Sims is a major franchise and a lot of you will probably of played some form of the game in your lives. For those you who were avid Sims 2 players, there are several improvements to the base game but there are several 'non-improvements' that would make you seriously question the logic of EA/Maxis...
Positive improvements include;
- Travel is much more realistic. Now your Sim walk to the park, drive to the movies after work or get a cab home to your 'lot'. You do not spend hours staring at loading screens while this is happening as technically, the whole town is your 'lot'.
- Sims have personality 'traits' now, which shapes what type of person they will be. Although there has been a lot of debate over this, I believe that picking your sims personality traits is a positive move from the primitive 'Zodiac' system.
- The scenery within the game is beautifully done. This is probably the strangest aspect of the game. Almost everything is detailed and realistic. The sun rises and sets gradually now as asposed to the sudden 'lights on, lights off' at 7am/7pm within TS2.

Sunset Valley, beautiful scenic suburban base town

'EA, the fuck you were you thinking'/un-improvements include;
- No weather in the base game! And to this point (13th Feb, 2012), there is no expansion pack that includes weather. Enough said.
- There are certain aspects of the game that will make you instantly think 'lazy programming'. Such as when you drive your car/take a cab, you/the cab driver will drive straight through any oncoming traffic or cyclists.
- Emphasis is taken off relationship developments in the Sims 3 especially when you compare it to The Sims 2. You do not need to obtain friends in order to advance within the game and IMO, this makes the game less challenging.
- It still seems like theres not enough time in the day. Your Sim is knackered after work and accomplishing even the smallest tasks seem to take up huge chunks of time. 2 hours to do the grocery shopping? I don't think so, EA.

Annoying, seemingly lazy programming

I know, I know.. I haven't said the inevitable yet... if the Sims community forums has taught us anything, it's that there are different 'types' of Sims players. So, I'll break it down.

New Sims Players: 3/5
I didn't know where to start for you guys. All I can say is that the Sims in general, is very hit and miss. For some people, it can prove to be an addiction and for some other people it can prove to be one of the most repetitive things since Tyra Banks's talk show. All I'll say is, you need to play it for yourself in order to make your mind up. If you're into video games with a solid beginning, middle and end... forget about it. If you like the idea of having the freedom to come up with your own stories/plots, then maybe this is one for you.

House builders: 4/5
You will love the Sims 3 if you're into building houses for your Sims. It's easier to customize the textures and designs of your house now. Also, you can now do more with furniture itself, such as place it at angles or customize the colour/design (hello tacky leopard print rooms!). The reason I gave the house building aspect for the base game a 4 out of 5 though is due to the limited amount of furniture you receive in the base game. If you like building various houses throughout the neighbourhood, it is done slightly arseways. On the main menu of the map within the town, you'll need to click 'edit town'.
(FYI - those of you into building all sorts of mad big places in the Sims should check out The Curtis Paradis Show. This guy is man when it comes to making obnoxiously big and fabulous houses.. he's even done a Sims 3 version of the White House... yes THE WHITE HOUSE!! I chose not to watch his videos, they tend to put me in a 'I'm inspired to do things I can't achieve' mode and I end up frustrated with shitty houses)

Neighbourhood Building players: 1/5
If you enjoyed building neighbourhoods in the Sims 2, you're going to be epically dissapointed with TS3. You can only 'customize' your base town, Sunset valley. You can download more worlds from the Sims website but still, you're confined to the one world. There is a 'create-a-world' tool available to download from the Sims website but it is in BETA and for PC only. It's extremly hard to use, unless you know your stuff!

'God' Players: 1/5
Because the Sims 3 is more of a 'game', then a story telling tool.. those of you who enjoy creating multi-families, will NOT be impressed as you can only manage one family at a time. EA has demoted you guys from God status.

- If you enjoyed creating Sims, I can assure you that the new create a Sim feature is very well developed with good graphics and cool new features.


And for those of you who enjoy the pleasure of having children within the game, I believe it's improved heaps and miles. You can now have a 'realistic' pregnancy (morning sickness included, lucky sim), dote on a newborn that will progress from a whinging toddler to a demanding child. And from demanding child spawns the spoilt teenage Sim. You can also have a 'young adult Sim' now which adds a nice new dimension to the game.

Family within the Sims 3

Overall verdict:
If you are new to the Sims franchise and like the idea of having the freedom to create your own 'stories', you will probably enjoy the game.
If you are an avid fan of TS2, beware and approach with caution! There will be of course elements that will please you and some other elements... not so much!

If anyone has any questions/observations about the game, feel free to say so in the comments.

Writing this has made me want to waste some study time on the Sims.
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