Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh I do love judgmental 'rants'

So there I was, browsin' away..

Looking for some new blogs to follow and I came across a young woman's blog.
I will not name names, I do not intend for my blog to become the instigator of 'drama'.. this is a blog after all, not an episode of Jersey shore.

First, this blogger felt the need to identify different types of women, all based on their size. Uh oh, basing people's worth on their size and athletic participation? Here we go... this should be good.
This blog post revolved around attacking others.
And believe me, it condemned a lot of people.
Condemning people or 'fatties' who are uncomfortable about their current size and simply vocalize it (god forbid, a 'fatty' might open their mouth for something other then eating pies..). Condemning those who enjoy a treat after a work out. Condemning women who go to the gym and don't do 'enough'.
Ha, the only people she didn't condemn were women like herself; who apparently NEVER indulge and do better then everyone else in the gym.

And before I receive the award for hypocrite of the year, let me just say; I am not condemning this girl. I just feel sorry for her. The fact that she is more concerned about how much other women are doing in the gym says it all really.
Her whole post reeked of 'praise me, oh won't you praise me'.
When you decide to criticise others, in order to put yourself on a pedestal.. well I'd urge you to take a good long hard look at yourself. Maybe you're not as great as you think you are.

I am not one of these 'Go love the world' types. . I am not into the recycled feel good shite one would find in the self help aisle of the bookshop however..

I feel sorry for this blogger because it seems that she can not see past people's looks and their body weight.

It's sad that we live in a society where one cannot look past ones weight.

If she is reading this (haha.. fat chance.. yes pun is motherfucking intended), I'd like you to know that you have bitten off more then you can chew.
It's fine if you live in a nice middle class existence, where you can afford such 'frivolities' as organic food, artificial supplements and gym memberships.
What about families living on an extremely low income? It's a vicious cycle. These people are uneducated about health, cannot afford healthcare and living in a society where TWO mcdonalds meals costs less then a box of cigarettes?

Inform yourself before you speak.

Stop worry so much about others, stop judging so harshly.