Monday, June 3, 2013

Xbox1 Vs PS4: The Unanswered Questions

In anticipation of E3, I noticed a lot of bloggers detailing what we already know about the ps4 and the largely anticipated, xbox one. If requested, I will make a comparison post however, I thought it would be interesting to make a post about what we don't know, what Sony and Microsoft haven't told us.

There is one unanswered question in regards to both consoles which is perhaps the most important question to be answered.. the big ol' pink elephant in the room; when will the long awaited Xbox One and and ps4 be released? It's quite possible that both these crucial dates will be released at E3 2013.

Xbox one:

- Possible release date for E3 2013
- Retailer Zavvi - possibly a speculative listing - prices the console at £399, claiming a release date of 31 November, 2013. This includes one controller and the Kinect.



- Again, perhaps a set date will be released at E3 2013.
- An advert that Sony released within Europe hints at a 'holiday' release. The question for us European playstation fans is, will the ps4 be released before Christmas or will we be left crying into our turkey and ham dinners as we watch our American and Japanese counterparts revealing in the new-gen glory of the almighty PS4. Eurogamer notes this disregard toward European gamers and release detes. In an interview with Eurogamer, Shuhei Yoshida (president of Sony Worldwide studios) states "For us, Europe is an enormously important market. That's no question. So I hope European consumers can play PS4 as soon as it's available somewhere, but I'm not making promises."

Ok, so the big question aside.. Now some gen-specific questions

Xbox One:

1. What happens when you go offline?

Ah, always online. Because it was a successful tactic for SimCity(!) Although, Microsoft attempted to clear up any confusion by vaguely stating in their official FAQ, "No, it does not have to be always connected, but Xbox One does require a connection to the Internet".. wait, wut? Clarification needed please Microsoft.

2. Questions of privacy (..or lack there of)

The Kinect camera must be connected to the system in order for the console to function, making the kinect a perfect way for Microsoft to quite literally watch you. Oh would you look at the time, it's 1984 already! Ok, maybe that's a bit too paranoid but there are several elements this new-gen console that seem somewhat problematic in regards to maintaining personal privacy. A good example of this can be seen in the patent filed by Microsoft in 2011 (Games Industry International), for gaining 'achievements for watching television shows or adverts. Cool, you say, finally there is some recognition for the average couch potato. However this translates to your Xbox One tracking everything you watch on Television. Creepy.

Other questions Microsoft needs to answer:
- Although at it's launch, the Xbox One was being marketed as the penultimate family entertainment system. Hence, an emphasis on television viewing. However, this was all very American-centric with no mention of how this interface will function for non-yanks. Microsoft, will I be able to watch my local TV Stations on the Xbox One? 


1. The Console's appearance

Yep, it was downright odd that Sony didn't actually show us the console. Of course, who could forget that controller. In to an interview with 4gamer, Hiroshi Kawano stated " "If I'm being honest, I also haven't seen its final design. Even the controller we showed today, I saw the final design around yesterday or so.". Personally, I do not understand why the gaming community are so preoccupied with the aesthetics of the console. Considering the console won't be out for a few months and it doesn't appear that Sony are 100% on what will go into the console, it is understandable why they haven't picked which casing they are going to go for.

2. Is online still free?

Ah, Microsoft and their obnoxious Gold membership fees. This is a favourite argument point from PS3 fans when debating the age old, burning question of 'Which console is better?!'. Microsoft's online fee has caused many a cost-conscious gamer to flock to Sony's PS3. Sony has not made it clear at all here on their pricing/online content... most likely to be unveiled at E3.

Other questions Sony needs to answer.
- No mention has been given to the Playstation Eye being required to play. Sony? Any clarification here?

Still confused? You're probably confused about the Xbox One, because lets be honest, Microsoft have issued too many official yet-oh-so vague comments over the next-gen console. In that case, Kotaku has made a very clear and helpful chart about such matters.

Leave any of the unanswered questions that I forgot in the comments, I love reading them!

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