Monday, June 17, 2013

Snapshot +2


Currently, I am loving the 'Spring Breakers' soundtrack, a mish-mash of hardcore rap fantasy and memorizing, pornographic dubstep. Plenty of college part-ay music featured on this soundtrack too, it's defiently a new favourite.

Also, some random stuff.. Depeche Mode, Glukoza (Vladivostock FM, the epic Eastern European pop station in GTA4 anyone?) and Marina & the Diamonds, of course.


E3 conferences have been pre-occupying my time and I will be writing a full post on the highs and lows of E3. But I have been fantasizing over two new trailers in particular. Foremost, 'Watchdogs' (Ubisoft Montreal: PS4/PS3/X360/PC/WiiU) has an undoubtedly compelling and unique take on a world, where hacking is the driving tool behind storyline. Sure we have seen hacking and using other forms of mobile technology as a tool in other games to progress storyline, e.g. Deus Ex, Enter the Matrix, but Ubisoft have certainly demonstrated that they want to take this to a whole new level.

My second lust from E3 2013, that I have also been re-watching on the hour, every hour is the big surprise, the hotly anticipated, 'Tom Clancy's The Division' (Ubisoft Massive: PS4/XBOXONE). This game combines two of my favourite game aspects, open-world and the RPG genre. But it's true selling point? This is an open world, RPG massivly multiplayer online game. But enough fangirling from me, I'll just let this trailer do the talking.



A slouchy white tank top, a peak of a vintage victorian-esque lace bra, very worn shorts and my suede black/silver unif hellraisers.


Jacqueline Susann's 'Valley of Dolls', oddly of my all time favourite books.. I can sort of amble within it for days.


- A ps4 with a selection of RPG games and perhaps a release date for Fallout 4.. I'm looking at you Bethesda..
- A vegetarian bento box from Yamamori's, my favourite Japanese restaurant in Dublin.
- To see Emma Watson preform as failing 'socialite' Alexis Neirs in 'The Bling Ring', but alas, it's not out in cinemas in Ireland until the 15th of July.

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