Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wishlist: January 13

Wishlist 1

Wishlist 1 by twee420 featuring obey t shirts

1. Jelly Bag
Ah, the jelly bag. Me, in bag form. Maybe if we ALL used jelly bags more often and just TRIED to be a bit more 'kawaii' (Al-Quida, hello... this is for you), there'd be less of terrorism threat and less tedious airport checks.

2. Lime Crime d'Lilac lipstick ($15.99)
A statement lipstick that suits pale skin with cool undertones? OK.. I suppose I'll just have to get it!

3. Mass Effect Trilogy (€45)
I've been meaning to play this for ages now. Three of the most popular, best rated games put into one trilogy. My favourite element of Mass Effect is the decision making within the gameplay and it shapes what the game becomes. I always enjoy games in which you must make difficult decisions, choices and in which you choose whether to be 'good' or 'bad'

4. Betsy Johnson skull ring
I've always wanted an obnoxiously overpriced, shiny Betsy Johnson ring. Yes, it may be indulgent and overpriced but it's shiiiiney.

5. UNIF hellraisers (black/silver studs) //(€120)
Hi, if any sugar-daddies are reading this, this sugar baby is a UK size 3 (US size 5, I think). Thank ya!

6. Obey Heather Grey shirt (€23)
There is a rastafarian variation of this shirt, but I prefer this plain grey variation of the 'OBEY' shirt. However if anyone uses the word 'swag' in my presence, expect to have your bowls disembowelled.

7. Topshop Pink Cord skater skirt (€52)
I have been looking for a baby pink skater skirt for ages and I think I finally found my match.

8. Topshop Nails in Green Room (€6.20)
I've been quite liking green nails recently, it's a welcome break from black nails. I quite like holographic greens, 'alien' greens, turtle greens and blue toned green. This isn't Irish supremecy. I swear.

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