Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weird internet Thursday.

We've all stumbled across 'that' side of the internet. It always seems to be during 'exam time' (ugh, I feel dirty just using that phrase) that I find myself either whining/complaining/semi-trolling on various forums or lurking around the 'weird' side of the internet, wasting my time. It's been established that time is not a rigid construct, therefore, I conclude that I am devoid of any guilt.

I have collected creepy, odd, Japanese odd (oh trust me, the Japs have their own category of 'odd'), downright weird and 'interesting' links over the years. I suppose it's only fair that I share them and bring you all down with me.

1. Are you gay?

Take this test once! If you take it more then once, you must have doubts!

2. Duck of the Day

A favourite amongst my fellow procrastinating college students. Log on daily for a new duck of the day.

3. Giga Pudding video

I felt suicidal last night, I then found this video. My life now has meaning again.

4. How many Goats are you worth?

We've all wondered this from time to time. Well now it's time to find out! How many goats are YOU worth?

5. Is it Tuesday?

Not sure if it's Tuesday? Visit 'Is it Tuesday', and they'll give you the cold hard truth.

If any of you non-existent readers have any wacky, weird links to contribute, leave them in a comment :3

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